Packing Tips

Label each box clearly and on more than one side so that you can find what you need. Provide a general description such as “Kitchen” and then a short inventory such as “potholders, towels & aprons” so that no one opens the box looking for pots and pans.

To make stacking easier us same-size boxes when possible. Pack heavy items in small boxes.

Place boxes of fragile items on top of other boxes.

Avoid storing items in plastic bags as they are less sturdy and can trap moisture.

Create aisle ways to reach the back of the unit and put frequently used items near the front.

Fill containers to capacity or fill extra pockets of space with packing materials to prevent the sides from crushing.

Don’t use newsprint to pack anything that could be stained by the ink. Bubble wrap works best for delicate items.

Metal objects like tools and bikes should be wiped with a rag containing machine oil to avoid rust.

Appliances should be clean and dry. Leave refrigerator or freezer doors ajar. Some goods can be stored in appliances and stacked on top of them.

Pack books flat and put boxes with books or paper on skids or pallets to prevent moisture absorption.
Clothing, curtains and drapes should be cleaned and stored on hangers.

Dishes and glassware boxes should have a layer of padding on top and bottom, and each item should be individually wrapped. Nest bowls and cups. Fill all pockets with packing.

Stand sofas and mattresses on end on pallet or plastic sheet.

Polish wood and treat leather items with a specially made
conditioner before placing them in storage to help protect from the elements.

Cover furniture with sheets or tarps to protect them from stains, tears and scratches.

Disassemble beds and tables and wrap legs or put them upside down on floor. Stack boxes on dressers and use drawers to store delicate items. Store light chairs inverted seat-to-seat.

Remove lamp shades from lamps to protect them from breaking and make them easier to move.

Save and use original holiday decoration cartons. Wrap Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard and put packing paper or newsprint around all of it inside box.

Wrap large lamp bases in padding and pad smaller lamps and put them in boxes. Pack delicate lamp shades separately.

Pack mirrors, windows and record albums on edge.